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Senior Manager


Fantastic opportunity for an SAE / Senior Associate looking to grow into a world-class communications consultant.

Your remit will be anchored by working with one of the most valuable and exciting tech brands in the world.

In close partnership with a seasoned AD, you will be responsible for brand & reputation building communications: leading on creating and landing major perception-changing features stories in top-tier international media.  In this role you’ll have the opportunity truly stretch your strategic thinking and creativity as part of a high-performing team, and tackle topics and issues affecting business, industry and society.  As you’ll be working directly with the senior client, as well as senior executive spokespeople, you will need to be confident and conscientious. Stories you’ll look to land might range from how augmented reality is changing how surgeons operate, how artificial intelligence is increasing accessibility in the workplace, to how car makers are becoming more like tech companies.

In addition, you’ll play an instrumental role in supporting local teams in 30+ countries across EMEA leverage owned and earned channels to land impactful campaigns aligned the with themes including how technology will change how we work in the future and why diversity in STEM-related careers is important. In this role, you’ll help brainstorm ideas for new campaigns and will help create content for use by local counties, including materials for owned digital and social channels.

Finally, you’ll support global communications for one of the most senior execs internationally – working closely with counties around the world to ensure successful media engagements and ensuring we’re achieving amazing impact on their owned social channels, including LinkedIn and Twitter.

Beyond your anchor client work, you’ll have the opportunity to help shape and grow a new agency brand that is part of the one of most successful global marketing services groups. In short – you’ll have access to the resources and brains found in a top global network, coupled with the entrepreneurial culture typically found in more mid-sized agencies.

You will be supported by smart, hard-working and caring people. We are committed to delivering excellence.  But, we support one another, don’t have time for drama  and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  If that sounds like you, it will probably be a fit!

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