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Senior Manager


What’s Happening:

An amazing opportunity: join a highly creative, multi-disciplined global communications agency and network — and work an anchor client that is one the biggest, most influential companies in world, helping drive international campaigns. You’ll have the ability to draw on the all the resources of a top global networked agency, and the chance to work in an entrepreneurial environment – where there is no ceiling to your development or opportunity to advance.

So, if you’re looking to work with a prestige client and if you’re keen to cut your teeth on integrated campaigns (PR, digital, internal comms, marketing) that can scale across 30+ countries, this is the op you’re looking for.

And – let’s keep it real.  These are uncertain times. If you’re a proven performer, why take a chance and make a move right now?  Well, in the last year (over lock-down) we’ve on-boarded three new team members who are absolutely thriving – so we have a track record of bringing people in, even if virtually. If you’re a strong candidate, you’ll have the chance to talk to these guys yourself.  Also, we’ve been privileged to work with our marquee, anchor client for 12+ years, and the relationship is super-strong. In fact, we’re hiring now

What will the job entail?  You’ll work closely with senior folks (we really pride ourselves on being non-hieratical and super collaborative) on a variety of work streams – some of which include: Helping drive our exec comms program, where we support 13 leaders with social media as well as internal/external events; writing stories about business trends and societal issue relevant to Europe for owned digital channels; helping create story ideas / plan/strategies around our Future of Work campaign, where we develop events and content that help local markets drive coverage around the intersection of technology and the workplace.

We are committed to delivering excellence but we’re also kind, honest people who want to see one another succeed. If that sounds like you, it will probably be a fit!

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