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13.09.2022 By Kourtney Rogus, Manager, Media Relations

Become an Industry Insider with these 8 Mobility Podcasts.

Cars in a busy urban scene with subway train running across the middle of the image.

Podcasts have quickly become a key medium and continue to grow and flourish as a popular pastime. In fact, a recent survey by Statistica reports that 62% of Americans listen to podcasts in 2022, up from 57% last year.

I often find that when I sit down to work or hop in the car to run errands, I’m more likely to press play on one of my favorite podcasts than I do music, especially with the lack of a commute these days. Not only do I find them entertaining, they also can be educational, and I enjoy connecting with my team to discuss the latest news and happenings impacting our professional and personal lives.

If you’re interested in the latest developments and the future of the mobility industry, like me, here are eight of my favorite podcasts:

  • Automotive News ShiftEvery week, Automotive News brings listeners the latest news and technology in automotive and mobility. Hosted by mobility reporter Pete Bigelow, experts in the industry are interviewed to discuss how they and their companies are working to change the future of mobility.
  • CAR Podcast – Presented by the Center for Automotive Research, host and CEO Carla Bailo talks about the latest automotive industry news with CAR subject matter experts and guests that work within the industry.
  • Future of Mobility – Host Brandon Bartneck examines the obstacles faced by the mobility industry as it continues to grow and develop with industry leaders. The podcast covers a myriad of topics, including electric vehicles, assisted and automated driving, hydrogen usage, connectivity, and more.
  • Inside EVs – Host Dominick Yoney is joined by fellow EV aficionados in this podcast covering the latest news in the electric vehicle sector and discusses and reviews electric vehicles.
  • Talking Headways – A podcast covering transportation, economic development and urban planning policy, Jeff Wood of The Overhead Wire speaks with public officials and activists weekly about the top stories at the junction of these industries.
  • The Autonocast – Looking to learn more about the future of mobility? Look no further than the Autonocast, where hosts Kirsten Korosec, Edward Niedermeyer and Alex Roy meet weekly to discuss the latest technology advancements shaping the industry today and tomorrow.
  • The Fully Charged PLUS Show – Listen in as host Robert Llewellyn and guests discuss all things sustainability, renewable energy and EVs.
  • The Road to Autonomy – Host Grayson Brulte, innovation strategist and co-founder of Brulte & Company, shares his unique perspective on all things autonomy and the future of mobility with guests including high stature industry leaders.

Of course, there are even more great mobility-focused podcasts available. Leave a comment on our LinkedIn or Twitter post of this article with additional shows our team should check out!

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