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Our belief

Brands will win in today’s environment if they deeply understand the experiences and perceptions that people bring into decision making, and then identify, with precision, the best moments to reach them.

Throughout our lives, there are moments that have the power to truly move us.

When a lifetime of experiences and heightened emotions collide with a host of social and cultural influences. Like creating a cherished family memory around the dinner table, receiving a diagnosis from the doctor, or realizing your network has just been hacked.

In these moments, minds are opened and decisions are made.

We help brands forge meaningful connections to these powerful slices of real life, turning the current state of affairs into an opportunity to influence behavior and create lasting outcomes.

We know that in the fight for attention and relevance, brands need to see audiences as more than numbers, segments or categories. Today, people want to connect with brands as real and human as they are.

How we work

Current Global delivers of-the-moment, human-centered campaigns that communicate a client’s reason for being and create value in the market place. We put people at the center of business decision making, collaborating across the corporate, consumer, healthcare and technology sectors to identify ownable moments for clients to influence behavior and outcomes. This requires a clear articulation of the soul of an organization, deep understanding of human behavior, and immersion into the contexts of culture at home, work and play. We call this approach Human Communications By Design.

Wie wir arbeiten

Our capabilities

We mix strategic rigor with creative moxie to get to the very core of how communications can inspire outcomes. We deliver ideas rooted in real life that inspire people to think and behave differently. Ideas powerful enough to drive internal and external communications across any channel, in any format. Ideas that engage audiences through every touch point they experience a brand or participate in its story. Ideas and content designed to be accessible to all people.

We take a media-, channel – and discipline-agnostic approach to every assignment. Starting with the right strategy to solve our clients’ business or brand challenges, and having a completely open mind as to where our creative ideas takes us in terms of execution. Our client campaigns are dynamic, adaptive and, above all, truly engaging.

Our expertise


B2B Marketing


Brand Marketing

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Consumer Marketing


Corporate Reputation


Crisis Management

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Executive Visibility


Healthcare Marketing


Technology Marketing

Our services

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Accessible Comms Guidance


Content Marketing


Creative Development


Digital Platform Strategy


Earned Media Relations


Influencer Marketing


Insights & Analytics


Integrated Media Strategy

Let's talk

We thrive on solving the toughest brand and business challenges, and we’d love to discuss how we can help you win the moment.
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