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Current thinking

Check out what we’re talking about, bragging about, engaging with and being inspired by right now. We’d be lying if we said we don’t appreciate Friends, Followers and Likes – join in, share and repost if you like what you read.

Cityscape of blurred traffic on a highway.
Top Mobility Trends Fueling (and Charging) CES 2021
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Graphic showing medical technologies feeding into a computer.
Is AI in Healthcare Always Meaningful?
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Image of a washing line with 6 Christmas stockings hanging from it.
Happy Holidays
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Photograph of friendly looking protesters with placards that talk about science and truth.
Taking a Bite of the Science to Come in 2021
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Logo of Current Global's Accessible by Design offer.
Making Communications Accessible For All
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Photograph of a light bulb exploding; against a dark blue background.
The Five Creative Delusions
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Photograph of mother and daugher hugging in front of a Christmas tree. There is a log fire with stocking hanging up in the background of the picture.
A Marketer’s Tips For Making The Nice List
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Polling booths decorated with graffiti art in Chicago.
Taking the Moment to Help Others
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Two women in front of the White House reading about the Watergate scandal. It is the 1970s. The photograph is black and white.
Why Tech Is The New Watergate
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